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Proper and Safe Cleaning Of Your Engine

In Depth Engine Detailing Calgary

Grandeur Autos Engine Detailing Service

Engine Detailing

Engine Detailing Process

  1. Remove debris: Use compressed air to blow out any loose debris, such as leaves or dirt, from the engine bay.
  2. Prep the area: Cover any sensitive electronic components and wiring with plastic sheeting or plastic bags to protect them from cleaning solutions and water.
  3. Spray and agitate: Different brushes to scrub the engine and surrounding components.
  4. Dry Engine: Dry the engine bay till completely dry
  5. Final touch-up: Shine all plastic areas and touch up on any missed spots


Revamp Your Engine Bay Appearance

Engine Detailing Calgary, the safe way.

Your engine is one of the most significant parts of your vehicle, therefore it should not be forgotten. Although many are particular about maintaining the appearance of their interior and exterior, most overlook the engine.

Since the engine bay is under the hood, most of the time it’s out of sight out of mind. Not giving your engine the love and care it needs can result in a build-up of dust, grime, and oil residue over time. This can lead to your engine having an unpleasant look.

With our Engine Detailing Calgary, your engine will look brand new; allowing you to notice oil leaks, timing belt damage, or any other severe issues in the engine.

For a full car transformation, we suggest our range of top services:  Interior detailing for a revamp of your car’s interior, Exterior Detailing to restore the shine of your vehicle’s exterior, Or Headlight Restoration to clear headlight fog.

FAQs On Engine Detailing Calgary

Yes, our Engine Detailing service can be performed both in shop and as a mobile service, we bring our professional engine detailing directly to you, whether it's at your home or workplace. This service ensures your engine is thoroughly cleaned and revamped without the need for you to leave your home.

The duration of the service varies depending on the condition of your engine, although the Engine Detailing service typically takes about 1 hour to complete.

Yes it is safe to clean the engine with water when done carefully, we cover any sensitive parts or electrical parts in the engine, and use a gentle mist of water to clean the engine.

Yes, the Engine Detail can improve your car's resale value. It shows that your vehicle has been well-maintained, which attracts potential buyers.

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Add ons

Interior Detailing

Improve your driving experience with our Interior Detailing service. We deep-clean your vehicle’s interior, tackling dirt, stains, and odors to restore comfort and enhance its appearance, making your car feel brand new again.

Exterior Detailing

Revamping your car’s appearance by thoroughly cleaning, and protecting your car’s exterior surfaces. This process enhances your car’s shine and shields the paint from elements.

Headlight Restoration

Our professional headlight restoration service eliminates the built-up haze and fog that dims your headlights over time.

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