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Ali K.

“High class job done welll with car and effort, Can never go wrong with grandeur. Definitely coming back again!”

Aken A.

“Hadn’t washed my car for 2 years since I got it and he did an amazing job making it look even better than it did when I first got it. Definitely recommend”

Emily K.

“My car looked completely brand new it was so awesome to see! they did such a great job! Highly recommend.”

Liam H.

“Very easy going guy, left everything cleaner than when it came fresh off the lot. Would go back to him highly recommend it 10/10”

Dadli D.

“Vehicle looks and smells brand new. Highly recommended excellent work.”

Umair B.

“I got my car detailed and the service was really good. Definitely would recommend getting your car cleaned from here.”

Simi O.

“Great service and customer service. This auto detailing company are quick and affordable service.”

Tinsae M.

“honestly needed a detail so bad and a lot of the service out there lacked when it came to minor detail, yet Grandeur Auto & Details gave me reassurance that there’s a detailer i can trust and go to , highly recommend.”

Damon B.

“Highly recommend Grandeur Autos and Details. I have a 2 year who treats my car as his personal garbage can lol, they did such an amazing job cleaning inside. Everyone has complimented my car who enters it now. Thank-you for such an awesome job”

Sebastian M.

“Grandeur came to my home to detail my work car, the young gentlemen who runs the business was nothing but polite and professional. Executed the detailing of my car to perfection, he even got the caked up concrete stuck in my floor mats out! I never thought I’d see the day. The young man and owner of grandeur was a natural and very easy to have come to my home and work, very considerate and conscious about the work he was doing. I will recommend grandeur autos to all my family and friends seeing that the standard for them is nothing below perfection!”

Jeffrey I.

“My car was looking really rough and it had gotten to the point where even the girls were mentioning it! Knowing this, I asked around and ran into Grandeur. Grandeur Autos is one of the best auto detailers on the market and the one I trust the most with my whip. When I got my car back, it was like when I first bought it and the ladies loved it again too! Thank you for providing such an essential service in the car market for an affordable and reasonable price comparatively. The job done is worth way more than the price it is valued at! Thanks again Grandeur!”

A C.

“Grandeur Autos did an outstanding job! Honestly, I did not think my vehicle was ‘dirty’ but after he detailed my vehicle, it looks brand new! He took his time to clean and definitely worth it! I highly recommend Grandeur Autos. Super professional.”

Nathan Y.

“I came in with a very dirty car and grandeur made it come out like it was brand new will be definitely coming again for this professional detail that cleaned every little crevice and speck of the vehicle, if you want your car looking like it came out the dealership go with grandeur you won’t be disappointed”

Sameerah A.

“Last time I detailed my car was in 2020 right before all the COVID restrictions. My car is DIRTY. Sometimes I’m embarrassed to open it or even let others get in but Widaad has boosted my confidence with my car. He detailed it so much, I want to pick up a stranger so they could see how nice and fresh it looks inside. It feels like new – you know when you get a new shoe or cloth? yes that feeling. I can’t believe I feel so much more confident driving and picking up my friends. Everything is spotless. Thank you so much for this amazing work and improvements on my vehicle. Will definitely be back”

Mary P.

“This was the first time I switched to a different detail company to get my car cleaned and I do not regret my decision. When I came back to retrieve my car, everything from the interior and exterior looked incredibly clean. They even got the nook and crannies that were always looked over by the pervious detailers. Definitely a high quality car detailing in Calgary.

Yotam Y.

“Extremely professional business, that pays attention to detail. Honestly the best detailing job I have ever received. I had a huge battery acid spill in my trunk and they were able to remove all the contaminants and left my vehicle looking like it just came out of the shop. I would highly recommend for anyone that needs any sort of detailing”

Howard P.

“Grandeur Autos detailing was such a great service/experience. I recently had my Ferrari detailed and I was amazed by how clean and polished it looked afterwards. The attention to detail was incredible. Every nook and cranny was spotless, and the car smelled so fresh and new. Their service was friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend auto detailing to anyone who wants to give their car a little extra TLC. Best car detailing service in Calgary! Also, did I forget to mention they come to you!”

Chemy P.

“The owner of Grandeur Autos is a very passionate and driven young man with a passion for cars. His level of detail was amazing and I was very happy with the results of the interior and exterior of my vehicle and i’m glad to be a part of this company’s growth. I would highly recommend Grandeur Autos, definitely the best car detailing in calgary!”

Samuel C.

“I got my interior detailed from Grandeur Autos and wow the results were amazing. i appreciated the customer service and was adhered to better than the other detail shops i had called. this is a very high quality car detailing business in Calgary. thank you for the amazing service.”

Azriel O.

“Grandeur Autos is the best shop for auto detailing in Calgary. They were very professional and were able to transform my vehicles interior, I never thought it could look new again but the truly exceeded my expectations. thank you definitely worth every dollar!”

Jason W.

“The owner, Widaad, came and detailed my 2022 GMC sierra 3500HD last week. I use it primarily for oil field work and hadn’t even ran a cloth across the dash in about 6 months. He worked at it from 9am to 6:30pm. By the time he was all wrapped up, it looked better than it did the day I drove it off the lot. He even cleaned up the engine bay at no extra cost. Widaad was very polite throughout the entire service, and even offered to sweep the leaves out of my garage before leaving. I would highly recommend that anybody looking for professional detailing call Grandeur Autos.”

Luxerapy S.

“I recently tried Grandeur Autos for car detailing, and I’m thoroughly impressed. Their car detailing service in Calgary made my car’s interior look brand new with incredible attention to detail. Their communication was excellent, making the whole process smooth and personalized. I highly recommend them to anyone in Calgary looking for top-quality car detailing. They’ve definitely earned a repeat customer!”

Lisa J.

“Highly recommend! Widaad did an amazing job on both of our vehicles. He took his time and paid close attention to the details. Our vehicles look like new. He was super friendly as well!”

Amit B.

“Widaad and Ashraf did a fabulous job. They both took their time to meticulously detail the car. Night and day difference in before and after condition of the car as it was quite dirty before and was restored to near new condition. Highly recommended!”

Anatolii R.

“I recently got a headlight restoration service from Grandeur Autos, and I was very satisfied with the results. They made the entire experience hassle-free. Their attention to detail and professionalism is amazing. I highly recommend Grandeur Autos for anyone looking to get their headlights restored.”

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